May 2020


Cortem Group new NAVB, NEVB series Barrier cable glands

Cortem Group expands the cable glands family and presents the new barrier version for armoured cables NEVB series and for non-armoured cables NAVB series which feature:

  • ‘Ex db’, ‘Ex eb’, ‘Ex tb’ and ‘Ex nR’ methods of protection
  • Silicone sealing ring
  • Wide service temperature range: -60°C+130°C
  • Suitable for different types of cables including lead sheathed, flat, instrumentation and fiber optic cables
  • Female or male entry (NAVBF, NAVBN models)
  • NAVGB model with double sealing ring
  • IP68 protection rating: tested at 30m depth for 12h
  • Laser marking
  • EMC tested (electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Ergonomic design
  • Available in nickel-plated brass, stainless steel and galvanized steel

The barrier is shaped around the conductors thanks to the particular mixture that flows through them in the special bushing ensuring a complete seal. The liquid resin used prevents the formation of air pockets or voids between the conductors and the bushing. They are supplied with a bi-component resin kit.

NAVB catalogue NEVB catalogue
The EVL series lighting fixtures innovated and enhanced

The EVL series of LED lighting fixtures, launched by Cortem Group in 2015 and available in four sizes, has been innovated and enhanced to offer an even safer and more performing product.

Here below the new features:

  • New "Ex op is" certificate (optical safety)
  • New range of the ambient temperature to -40°C + 60°C and temperature classes colder (T5) with gas group IIB+H2 and IIC
  • New supply voltages range from 12 to 277 V
  • New powers available start from 20W up to 220W, with steps of 10W and 20W
  • Different lumen outputs ranging from a minimum of 1,700lm to a maximum of 21,000lm
  • A transportable version with electronic driver, to be used mainly in inspection and maintenance activities on industrial plants and tanks and a model specifically designed for a rapid and a timely replacement of the old generation discharge lighting fixtures installed directly on a pole (EVLT).

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The barrier cable gland: moldable sealant (two-component filler) vs auto-forming sealant (two-component resin)

How to choose the correct cable glands and what kind of sealant should be used to achieve a perfect flameproof protection on barrier-type cable glands?

The advent of the IEC 60079-14:2013-1/EN 60079-14: 2014-03 standards, which describes the design, selection and installation of electrical systems in explosive atmospheres, introduced, in the paragraph 10.6.2, the selection criterion of cable glands to be used for the cable entry into electrical and electronic equipment suitable for installation in areas with danger of explosion.

From this Standard is evident that the scenario has changed and the use of barrier-type cable glands results of primary importance.

There are two different methods to be used for the realization of the "Barrier": the first uses a semi-solid sealant type with two components, the second uses a two-component resin but in the liquid state.

Let's see the differences between the two methods.

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